Ozobot Activities

Teacher Planning Guide

Suggested Sequencing (approx. 6 - 8 hours)


1.  Introduction to Color Codes

Introduction to Color Codes– Use paper and markers to introduce students to the Ozobot.

60 min

2. Brain Teasers Using Direction Codes

Brain Teasers Using Direction Codes– Students try to solve various Ozobot Brain Teaser Challenges using direction codes.

45 min

3. Ozobot Shape Tracer Challenge

Ozobot Shape Tracer Challenge– Students are introduced to the online coding program-Ozoblockly and learn basic programming concepts.

60-90 min

4. Ozobot Olympics

Ozobot Olympics– Students use Ozoblockly to program their Ozobots to make music, dance, curl, bowl, navigate mazes, and race.

90-120 min

5. Detecting Obstacles using Ozoblockly 

Detecting Obstacles using Ozoblockly–  Using the ozobot and the Ozoblockly program, students will program Ozobot to follow  predetermined paths.

60-90 min


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