Micro:bit Activities

Teacher Planning Guide

Introduction to Micro:bit

Basic Training - Suggested Sequencing (approx. 8 hours)

The purpose of this sequence is to introduce students to programming the Micro:bit.  Alternatively, the classrooms can do the GreenTech projects that incorporate components such as motors, breakout boards, servo motors, and water pumps.


Activity 1-

How to Download a Program

1- How to Download a Program

  • Teaches basic concepts of the online Makecode program and how to download code to the Micro:bit

60 min

Activity 2-

Step Counter

2- Step Counter

  • Students create a Step Counter, which they can use to reinforce mathematics concepts

60 min

Activity 3-

Make a Compass

3 –Make a Compass


  • Students will create a Compass, which they can use to reinforce mathematics concepts

60 min

Activity 4- 

Making Music

4- Making Music

  • Students learn how to code their Micro:bit to make beautiful music, using a Piezo buzzer.

60 min

Activity 5-




  • Students will connect a Red Green Blue (RGB) LED to the Microbit.  Students can then program the Microbit to mix red, green and blue light to make any colour.

60-90 min

Activity 6-

Radio, Radio

6- Radio, Radio

  • Students will create a communication device that can send and receive radio signals.  This serves as an introductory lesson for the Recycle Racer Activity.

60 min

Activity 7-

Data Display (Serial Print)

7- Data Display (Serial Print) – intermediate


  • This lesson will introduce the Serial Print Block.  This allows the Microbit to display the values of its sensors on the computer.

60 min