Edison Activities

Teacher Planning Guide


Trouble Shooting Guide:  Instructions on turning off sound enhancements (you can also contact Saskcode).

Suggested Sequencing (approx. 6 - 10 hours)​


1. Getting Started – unplugged

Barcode Mania – Introduction to Edison

Learn the basic functions of the Edison robot (no computers required).

30 min

2. Cross-Curricular  

Edison Sumo Challenge

Build and test a robot fighting machine

60 min

3. Getting Started – plugged in

Program Edison with Edscratch – Drive an “S” Curve

Learn how to download a test program then write your own programs (movement, and music)

60-90 min

4. Cross-Curricular

60-90 min

5. Cross-Curricular

30-60 min

Art/Design (using EdScratchApp or Barcodes

Edison Art Design 

Design a marker holder and get creative

60 min



Edison Geometry

Learn to code loops to make geometric shapes

30-60 min



EdChallenges Activity

Design and build an open ended project

120+ min